The Nebraska Republican Party recognizes agriculture in all its many facets, including farming, ranching, and agribusiness, as Nebraska’s primary industry and the cornerstone of its economy.

 We believe the agricultural economy must be consistently based in a market-oriented approach. We, however, recognize the potential need for isolated transitional programs that are balanced fairly so as to not adversely affect any single commodity.

 We support the establishment of expanded markets as part of a fair and open global marketplace. We recognize that maintaining such a marketplace can require the enforcement of restrictions and the creation of reasonable regulations for that purpose.

 We believe in a free and open marketplace functioning in fairness to family farms, ranches, and smaller and independent agribusiness operations, and we encourage the enforcement of state and federal anti-trust laws to their benefit. We encourage incentives for new farmers and ranchers to help offset the dwindling number of Nebraska family farms and ranches. We also encourage the promotion of value-added programs for agribusiness. We encourage continuing research and development in agricultural products as well as the maintenance and support of research facilities. We further support programs designed to introduce creative agribusiness techniques and uses of agricultural products.

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