The Nebraska Republican Party believes the policy of “peace through strength” is essential for both the preservation of America and the promotion of freedom and self-government. The men and women of our armed forces should always be adequately compensated, equipped, and trained to be the finest soldiers in the world. Our greatest asset, the people on whom our security depends, deserves our constant long-term investment in quality, morale, and safety. 

We support the continuous strengthening of our military and funding of further development of any national defense system which helps preserve and protect the United States and its citizens. We object to the use of the United States military to further social agendas that conflict with good order, morale and discipline. We strongly oppose the placing of men and women of our armed forces under the command of the United Nations or any foreign leadership.

Violent radical Islamic Jihad presents a clear and present danger to the peace and stability of our nation and to the world at large. Islamic Jihad is committed to the destruction of Western civilization, the denial of religious freedom, and the subjugation of women. We are committed to defending our freedom and defeating Islamic terrorists.

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