The Nebraska Republican Party reaffirms the role of education in the development of effective and responsible citizens.

 We believe that decisions regarding the education of children properly belong to parents and guardians. We reaffirm our belief that control of all aspects of public education should rest with local school boards, not state or federal agencies. We believe each student should be provided with the opportunity for an excellent academic education. We believe moral training based on principles established by God, under whom we profess to be a nation, should be returned to its proper and traditional place in the public schools. We oppose the instruction of Sharia law in our education system. We urge citizens to require fiscal and educational accountability from policy makers, educational institutions, and educational professionals to assure that quality services are being rendered.

 We support statewide assessments of educational achievement and the administration of the ACT or SAT to all Nebraska 11th-graders. We oppose testing to identify physical, psychological, emotional or developmental disabilities without parental consent. We recognize and commend the dedicated educators and administrators who strive to prepare the students for future decision making that will directly affect the freedom and security of the United States.

 We encourage patriotism, respect for the American flag and an understanding of our nation’s ideals, which make our form of government the best in the world.

We believe the family to be our country’s basic institution and as such should be encouraged to take a larger, not smaller, role in education. We support parental choice in education based on a program of vouchers or tax credits, thus creating better education through the principles of free market competition. These alternatives should include private, parochial and home schools.

 We believe that all schools and educators, whether, public, private, or home school, be recognized for their contributions to the future of our state.

 We oppose the instruction of foreign customs and culture, as well as revisionist history, including Sharia law, the 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory in our education system and call on school board members and university regents to strongly resist the use of public schools and finances to teach principles hostile to the founding principles, native customs and legitimate history of the United States. 

 We support the right of parents to personally observe all classroom instruction and activities. We strongly support the teaching of the scientific, biologically verifiable X and Y chromosomal definition of male and female at birth, and the use of locker rooms, sports team qualifications, and restrooms based on the same definition.

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