The Nebraska Republican Party affirms our continuing commitment to clean air and water, productive lands, forests, abundant wildlife and responsible stewardship of our God-given natural heritage. 

We believe that Nebraska’s water is a resource vital to economic health and maintaining a high quality of life. Its preservation is essential, and its management should occur on local and state levels and should address the potential of future water shortage. Nebraska’s water cannot be considered a saleable resource and must be protected from competing state and federal usage. We oppose the Waters of the U.S. regulation as yet another overreach of the EPA and oppose its reimposition. 

We support a pragmatic, effective, and reasonable approach to the protection of our environment. We support streamlining the environmental regulatory system, providing the protection of the environment while still encouraging business profitability and responsible growth. Scientifically sound solutions to environmental problems must be sought through the free market system. We acknowledge each individual’s responsibility toward the preservation and enhancement of our environment and remain committed to programs such as recycling and tree planting.

Such policies as those concerning wetlands and endangered species must be balanced between environmental and economic concerns and should not threaten individual property rights.

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