Fiscal Responsibility

The Nebraska Republican Party believes less government is preferred. Government should make a dedicated effort to responsibly spend tax revenue. Public participation in every aspect of the budget process should be strongly encouraged and facilitated. We oppose any unfunded mandate by state and federal government. Where appropriate, the private sector should be favored over the public sector.

Federal Government

We call upon Congress to reduce the size of federal government. The national debt and the federal budget deficit are unsustainable and threaten the economy and security of our nation and the well-being of future generations of Americans. We support a balanced budget amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

All tax monies not needed to efficiently run the federal government should be returned to all the taxpayers, especially the massive sums currently sent overseas for nonessential, non-humanitarian foreign aid. In order to permit the continuation of the family farm and small business, we urge the repeal of the federal estate tax. To encourage capital accumulation, we urge the repeal of the capital gains tax. We call upon Congress to adopt the FAIR tax or a flat tax.

We encourage individual responsibility for retirement needs, children’s higher education and better health care for our citizens. We urge the expanded use of the deductions for individual retirement accounts, educational IRA’s and medical savings accounts.

The Nebraska Republican Party opposes overturning the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which lowered the tax burden on Americans and made the US more competitive overseas.

State Government

We encourage our state leaders to continue to pursue the reduction of taxes for the benefit of our state. Any state revenues above reasonable reserves should be returned to Nebraska taxpayers. We support the repeal of the state inheritance tax and commend the Legislature for repealing the estate tax. We further commend the Legislature and Governor for adopting property tax relief. Nebraska remains a high-tax state, and we call upon the Governor and the Legislature to lower taxes and control spending in our state.

We urge the continual review of all tax entities in local and state government with the objective of eliminating unnecessary taxation and require all elected state officials to evaluate tax-spending policies to reduce property, sales and income tax and to reduce the size of state government when appropriate or necessary. We also oppose raising the gas tax and encourage alternative mechanisms to fund the infrastructure needs of our state’s highway and expressway system.

We believe that gambling devastates the individual, the family and the community and therefore oppose any further gambling expansion in our state.

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