Omaha, NE—More than 100 members of the Nebraska Republican Party’s State Central Committee gathered in Omaha on Saturday, May 15th, at a regular business meeting of that body. A resolution was proposed by the party to support Governor Ricketts in his opposition to the various abuses of power being made by the Biden administration in an attempt to subvert the rights and economy of the people of Nebraska.

The resolution passed unanimously.

A copy of the resolution is below.

Resolution in Support of Governor Ricketts Opposition to Federal Overreach

Whereas, Governor Ricketts has sought to defend the constitutionally enumerated and protected right of American citizens to keep and bear arms against extraordinary unilateral action being threatened by the federal government under the Biden Administration;

Whereas, Governor Ricketts has rejected the dystopian proposals for vaccine passports that would restrict Americans’ right to freedom of movement and erode healthcare privacy protections;

Whereas, Governor Ricketts has warned against the dangers of the Biden Administration’s patently unconstitutional 30×30 land grab, cautioning Nebraskans to be wary of violations and pledging to use the power of Nebraska’s state government to fight federal incursions;

Whereas, Governor Ricketts has been a leader for Nebraska’s agriculture economy and a defender of the rights of grain farmers, ranchers and meat-consumers in our state and across the country to engage in agribusiness free from unwarranted and undue government interference; and

Whereas, Governor Ricketts has been a steadfast leader for Nebraskans in the face of federal overreach and challenges made by the new administration to our traditional, constitutional form of government,

Be it resolved that the Nebraska Republican Party declares its support for Governor Ricketts in his administration’s attempts to fight back against the unprecedented, unconstitutional power grab being made by federal authority at the expense of the constitutionally-enumerated rights and protections of American citizens.

Adopted unanimously by the Nebraska Republican Party State Central Committee on Saturday, May 15th, 2021 in Omaha, Nebraska.


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