Press release issued 9/14/21

Lincoln, NE—Republican Party of Nebraska Chairman Dan Welch issued the following statement after state Senator Carol Blood announced her candidacy for the Democrat gubernatorial nomination:

“Carol Blood has been agitating for far-left causes in our state’s legislature while masquerading as a moderate to her district in Sarpy County. Nebraskans can count on the NEGOP to expose her voting record in Lincoln, which is far out of step with our state’s values and principles.

“Even though her district saw record turnout in 2020, Blood actually lost support expressed as a percentage. The more people learn about her, the less attractive they find her candidacy.

“Our party is going to work to let voters everywhere know Blood is soft on crime, voting to reduce prison sentences on convicted pedophiles and to increase benefits for 3-time convicted felons.

“We will spare no effort in letting Nebraskans know just how hostile to Second Amendment Rights Blood is—she voted to jack up application fees and in favor of gun control legislation at the statehouse. She also cast votes in favor of providing taxpayer-supported public benefits for illegal immigrants. Blood’s ideas would find a more welcome audience in San Francisco than among common sense-oriented Nebraskans,” he concluded.


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