October 8, 2019


Ryan Hamilton


LINCOLN, NE – Today, the Nebraska Republican Party revealed details of an FEC complaint that has been filed against Kate Bolz alleging an illegal transfer of campaign assets. “Kate Bolz has been telling potential voters that she has the know-how to get things done in Washington,” said Nebraska GOP Executive Director Ryan Hamilton. “However, her campaign’s immediate violation of FEC regulations on Day 1 showed this to be false. The reality is that Kate Bolz is not ready for Congress.”

The Nebraska GOP learned of the complaint on Wednesday afternoon. The complaint details Bolz for Legislature spending more than $1,000 in Facebook ads from her Nebraska-based campaign committee, building a following that she transferred to her federal campaign in what seems to be an apparent, obvious and elementary violation of campaign finance regulations.

“Kate Bolz knew—or should have known—that what she was doing was prohibited by federal law,” he continued. “How can she expect to legislate for the rest of us when she can’t even be bothered to read existing regulations? If this is what Bolz believes Nebraskans want out of their elected officials—immediate dirty money and empty promises—she’s going to learn very soon how wrong she is.”

“Congressman Fortenberry has served Nebraska with distinction and integrity—honestly representing the views of his constituents and working hard to move the needle for his district,” said Nebraska GOP Chairman Dan Welch. “He has earned our trust and ought to be sent back to Washington to continue his good work.”


Applicable regulation:

“Transfers of funds and assets between federal committees authorized or established by the same candidate are generally unlimited because the committees are considered affiliated committees. However, an authorized committee of a federal candidate may not accept any transfers of funds or assets from a committee established by the same candidate for a nonfederal election.”

Federal Election Commission. “Types of Contributions.”, Federal Election Commission,

Bolz for Legislature reported at least 9 separate transactions totaling approximately $2,000 to Facebook, where she built a following of approximately 2,200. Reported transactions can be found under Schedule D of Bolz for Legislature’s “Primary Statement (01/01/2016 – 04/05/2016) and Bolz for Legislature’s 2012 “Primary Statement (5/1/2012 – 6/19/2012),” “General Statement (10/03/2012 – 10/22/2012)” and “General Statement “10/23/2012 – 12/31/2012).”

NADC reports may searched at

On October 3, on or about Bolz’s announcement for Congress, she updated her Facebook page’s images (but not the “About” section), demonstrating that she attempted to convey the Facebook page (“asset”) from her state committee to her federal committee in violation of the law.

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