Omaha, NE—More than 100 members of the Nebraska Republican Party’s State Central Committee gathered in Omaha on Saturday, May 15th, at a regular business meeting of that body. A resolution was proposed by the party opposing proposed health standards now before the State Board of Education.

The resolution passed unanimously.

A copy of the resolution is below. Resolution Opposing State Board of Education Health Standards

Whereas, the Nebraska Republican Party promotes the primacy of parents and the family in the lives of children;

Whereas, we believe the family to be our country’s basic institution and as such should be encouraged to take a larger, not smaller, role in education;

Whereas, the proposed health standards before the Nebraska State Board of Education significantly erode the rights of families and parents to educate their children in the way they decide is appropriate;

Whereas, the proposed health standards teach young children age-inappropriate content starting as early as kindergarten;

Whereas, the proposed health standards inject non-scientific, political ideas into curriculum in a way that unduly prejudices children; and

Whereas, the sex education standards represent a significant shift in approach to health education, and many of the new themes are sensitive topics that should be addressed by parents at home and not by schools

Be it resolved that the Nebraska Republican Party calls for the State Board of Education to heed the advice and testimony of Nebraskans to whom they were elected to serve, and reject the health standards as proposed; and, further, to reject future health standards, to adopt standards that that empower parents and families and do not unduly prejudice children with politically-motivated, unscientific theories. Passed unanimously in Omaha on May 15th, 2021.

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