Parliamentary Procedure

All business conducted at the State Convention of the Nebraska Republican Party will be governed by the procedures set forth in Robert’s Rules of Order except when the Rules of the 2012 Convention are inconsistent with Robert’s Rules consequently the Rules of the 2012 Convention will supersede.

So that all delegates may participate fully in convention proceeding, the most pertinent procedural rules are included.

1. Main Motion: a formal proposal by a member.

A.        Must be moved.

B.        Must be seconded.

C.        Discussion follows.

i.          The person who made the motion has first priority to speak for the motion.

ii.         No one is entitled to speak a second time in debate on a motion until all other members who desire to speak have spoken.

iii.        Each person may speak only twice on a particular motion on the same day.

iv.        The motion must then be voted on, unless a subsidiary motion is introduced.

 II.       Subsidiary Motion: acts upon the main motion.

            A.        Always does something to the main motion.

            B.        May be made during the discussion.

            C.        Is more important in order and must be voted on before the main motion.

            D.        Types of subsidiary motions:

                        i.          To postpone the main motion indefinitely.

ii.         To lay the main motion on the table (set aside temporarily during meeting).

                        iii.        To amend the main motion (change wording).

                        iv.        To refer the main motion to a committee.

                        v.         To extend or limit debate on the main motion.

vi.        To move the previous question (which is a motion to end debate and vote on the main motion).

III.       Privilege motion and incidental motions—examples:

            A.        Question of Privilege:  Affects the right of a member or the assembly as a whole.

            B.        Point of Order:  Used when a member considers the procedure incorrect.

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