A huge thank you to Nebraska’s first responders and emergency management personnel and volunteers who are helping our communities cope with record flood waters.

Here’s how you can help:

1. Contact @neiaredcross and donate time, money, or blood: https://rdcrss.org/2FbRh8n

2. Support the work your emergency manager is doing. Contacts here: https://bit.ly/2TOKSJY

3. Share these links to help spread the word!

ICYMI: Tax relief heading in the direction we need (Kearney Hub)

This week Gov. Pete Ricketts highlighted legislative proposals he favors in addressing Nebraska’s property tax problem, and we agree with him. One of the proposals Ricketts favors is an amendment to the Nebraska Constitution that would cap property tax increases by local governments.

The second proposal would boost the amount kept in the state’s Property Tax Credit Relief Fund to at least $275 million.

We approve of LR8CA, introduced by Elkhorn state Sen. Lou Ann Linehan, because it will help control spending increases. It is important that every unit of government restrains spending because without restraint, taxes will continue to rise.

Read more here.

Chairman’s Corner

Help us grow our party and spread our message by liking us on Facebook, following us on Twitter and making sure your friends are getting this email. Folks can sign up to receive the Rally Cry on our website or by “Signing Up” on our Facebook page. We also need help developing our GOP Calendar. Please make sure you’re submitting your events to [email protected].

NEGOP Welcomes New Executive Director

Chairman Dan Welch announced Ryan Hamilton as the new executive director of the Nebraska GOP. Hamilton is a veteran of local and statewide races and was most recently the Vice President of j3 Strategies, a Nevada-based consulting firm. He is a graduate of the Catholic University of America. “Hamilton’s experience and energy will help our party continue to represent the interests of everyday Nebraskans to their government and fight back against the increasingly extreme ideas coming from the Democrat party,” said Nebraska GOP Chairman Dan Welch. “I’m honored to welcome him to our team.”

Senator Deb Fischer:

Agriculture: The beating heart of Nebraska

In 1973, the Agriculture Council of America organized a time for our nation to come together to, in their words, “recognize and celebrate the abundance provided by agriculture.”

Meet Lincoln’s GOP Candidate for Mayor

If you are in or around Lincoln, please stop by to meet Cyndi Lamm. Lamm is a registered Republican and current Lincoln City Councilwoman.

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