Nebraska continues to endure extreme weather conditions. You can contribute to relief efforts or connect with recovery resources by visiting the Nebraska Red Cross page and the University of Nebraska’s flood resource page.

Join the NEGOP Booster Club

Join the NEGOP Booster Club and Congressman Don Bacon, who is seeking re-election to Nebraska’s Second Congressional District, for a DC Update Breakfast in battleground Sarpy County. The event is being hosted by 88 Tactical, an elite firearms range and readiness training center, on April 27 from 9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m. The Nebraska GOP Booster Club is excited to announce an expanded 2019 program with enhanced benefits for members. Learn more about membership in the NEGOP Booster Club and RSVP for this event here.

A city named Lincoln deserves a Republican Mayor.

If you are in or around the Capital City, please consider making a contribution of time or resources to Councilwoman Cyndi Lamm’s campaign for mayor. Since entering the race, Lamm has been focused on the local issues that impact Lincoln’s quality of life. She has been a steady hand on the Lincoln City Council, where she has used her platform to fight for an agenda that benefits taxpayers and tamps down waste, fraud and abuse. Lamm’s presumptive opponent, lefty Leirion Gaylor Baird, has cast her lot with coastal elites. After training in California liberal Gavin Newsom’s office and buying into the radical socialism of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “Green New Deal,” it’s clear that Leirion will put Lincoln families’ interests last. Make no mistake, lefty Leirion is too liberal for Lincoln.

Chairman’s Corner

Our party is building infrastructure to make inroads in municipal elections, defend Republican control of Nebraska’s federal delegation and build influence in the Unicameral. If you haven’t yet, please make a contribution. No matter the amount, your donation will go toward spreading our message and helping elect Republicans. While you’re there, consider joining our Booster Club. It will be greatly expanded in the coming year and you won’t want to miss out. Forward this newsletter to a friend and let them know they can sign up at to receive important updates about Nebraska politics. Make sure you have liked us on Facebook and followed us on Twitter! As usual, we also need help developing our GOP Calendar. Please make sure you’re submitting your events to [email protected]. Thanks, Chairman Dan

Call to Action: Oppose LB 169

A priority bill has emerged in the Legislature that would amend Nebraska’s statutes to permit individuals convicted of selling or distributing narcotics to access public benefits. Current law provides that individuals who have been convicted of up to three drug offenses remain eligible for SNAP (food stamps) assistance, and immediately prohibits benefits for those with felony drug trafficking or distribution convictions. This is a reasonable provision to protect taxpayers and deter would-be drug traffickers.

Passage of this law would eliminate all food stamp restrictions on individuals convicted of selling or distributing drugs. This is an unreasonable change to state law and not reflective of the values of Nebraskans. Taxpayers should not have to provide SNAP benefits to drug dealers who poison our communities. Please call your state senator today and let them know you oppose passage of LB 169. Tell them to oppose food stamps for drug dealers. Find your legislator here.

Join the Douglas County GOP

Get your tickets today.

Fischer: Devastation in many areas is beyond words

Recently, a catastrophic storm swept across the state of Nebraska. The western part of our state was confronted with extreme blizzard conditions, while central and eastern Nebraska are grappling with historic flooding. Entire communities are underwater, roads are closed or washed away, bridges are down, and the lives of our people and livestock have been put at risk. Keep Reading.

Tweet of the Week

Weekly Trivia:

Scotts Bluff is named for Hiram Scott, who lost his life near the site during an expedition under the auspices of a trading company owned by which famous American frontiersman?

Last week’s trivia: Q: Old Fort Kearny now goes by what name? A: Nebraska City. Shout out to Patrick G. in Newman Grove for the correct answer.

He’ll be entered into a drawing to win an autographed copy of Newt Gingrich’s latest book, Trump’s America. Email your responses to [email protected]. Check back in next week’s edition to see this week’s winner!

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