Today a historic victory for the sanctity of life was achieved in Nebraska!

Following today’s debate on LB-626, The Heartbeat Act passes!

We are thankful that Senator Joni Albrecht brought forward this bill. We are also grateful for this governing body moving from unaddressed legislation in 2022 to stepping up and being BOLD in 2023!  Babies, the innocent unborn, will be saved from this action!

We continue to build momentum by fighting for our shared values! We continue to push forward with an impressive list of triumphs on big issues!

Celebrating each moment of victory together is essentialWe also know that we cannot allow ourselves to lower our guard when it comes to protecting the innocence of unborn children, our Constitutional rights, and our fight for limited government.

Thank you to everyone who has taken a stand for the sanctity of life, which has brought us past this first hurdle in making the Heartbeat Act a reality!  We have two more bill phases to go. We cannot let up!

The Nebraska Republican Party will always fight for the rights of all individuals to pursue Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.

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